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Kate brought the cloth from the Rattan Laundry Basket and set them into a washing machine; after some minutes, the machine stopped. She brought out the clothes, rinsed and spread them on the line; a few hours after drying the cloth, she put them into the Rattan Laundry Basket and took them in for ironing. (A few hours later, she packaged the cloth in Rattan Laundry Basket, and was set for delivery, she drove to the customer’s house and delivered it, (I was a wealthy man’s house, the wealthy man named John, admired the Rattan Laundry Basket, then he purchases It from her.

John loved the Rattan Laundry Basket and showed his wife and children; they also admired it; a few days after he travelled with the Rattan Laundry Basket, everyone admired the beauty of the Rattan Laundry Basket, within a twinkle of an eye, the Rattan Laundry Basket got missing, everyone began to search for it, for hours. Still, they couldn’t find it, they searched through the CTV cameral and noticed a supernatural force was got it disappeared. Mr. John went to the police station to report the missing of the Rattan Laundry Basket and also went to some TV stations to announce the missing of the Rattan Laundry Basket; it was said in the News any who could find the Rattan Laundry Basket will be paid $100,000, everyone began to search for it for days and weeks, but no one could find it. (It was after 2 months a boy of 15 years old was hiding in a garden been chase by Kidnappers, where he was hiding, he looked behind him and saw the Rattan Laundry Basket they announced on TV news months ago, and he was surprised and also afraid when he remembered some gangs is after him, He hide for hours and he was sure the Kidnappers would have given up on searching for him, he went out and packaged the Rattan Laundry Basket by wrapping in with cloth and He took it to a police station straight up, announced the boy in the News, and Mr. John rewarded him with the amount he promised the finder.

This fulfilled the prophecy before Rex was born; the Prophet started and told his parent that this could you are about to will bring you up financially in years to come. Rex’s parents said the testimony to the world. Mr. John was happy to see back his Rattan Laundry Basket. The Rattan Laundry Basket has now become the most paramount discussion in the city.

Many years later, Mr. John took the Rattan Laundry Basket to a museum for everyone to see, weeks after Mr. John died and was buried. Mr. John’s death was more famous because of the Rattan Laundry Basket scenario that happened years ago; Rex’s family was also present in the burial ceremony; they wept so much for him.

Months later, after Mr. John’s death, Rex higher some crafters to make thousands of Rattan Laundry Basket, which they did successfully and was sold massively throughout the country; Rex became more famous for being known for this business. In the whole state, the Rattan Laundry Basket was common and popular everywhere in the market and store and mostly used by Lundryers.

Rex produced millions of the Rattan Laundry Basket and exported them to many villages, and began to distribute it free to the villagers to help their farm work and make them happy; the Egyptians began to order this charming Wicker Rattan Laundry Basket. Moreover, kings worldwide began to seek Rex’s face and partner with him to produce the Rattan Laundry Basket in another magnificent form and another colour; Rex received this contract and made millions of $ dollars. (Weeks later, Rex was in some part of the Western part of Africa when he received a message that his daughter had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were asking for millions of dollars for ransom.

Rex laughed and reported the issue to a team of magicians in Egypt. They made some stations, in a room and right before a large Mirror Rex, and the magicians saw in vivid terms how Rex’s daughter was maltreated and been punished; Rex and the magicians were angry, and the leader of the magicians began to cast some spells, and they saw the kidnappers holding their Tommy and quickly ran to the toilet and passed excreta for hours till they gave up the ghost. Rex thanked the magicians and gave them a million dollars. Rex returned to his country to stay and live with his family. End story of Rattan Laundry Basket.