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Wicker Rattan Bike Basket

(On the highway) everybody was shocked, and they all stood in a sport, busy wondering how she narrowly escaped death because the truth passed over her. Luckily, she was exactly between the truck tyre; she stood up confidently, dusted her cloth, took up her bicycle and noticed the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket was broken but kept driving. She was soliloquizing and said  (how will Dad feel if he noticed the bicycle he just gave me on my birthday got an accident) she was so sad and thankful to God for sparing her life) she continued riding to her house when she heard a car hooting behind her, she thought to herself ( that can horn sound like my Dad’s car) ‘she looked behind her, and it was his Dad she stopped, and his father came out of the car and hugged her and said ( hope you are fine and alright, let me take you to the hospital) she responded (am fine thanks for the caring Dad) Benson ( Juliet’s father) took her bicycle and took it into the booth, Juliet Joined his Dad in the car.

Benson noticed her daughter (Juliet) was sad. He told her, “You have to forget it since you are saved and okay, just give thanks to almighty God” she replied by saying, ” the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket attached to my bicycle was broken, I have to get another soon of the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket. His father replied and said, ” if that should be the case, I will take you to the store to tomorrow and purchase you a new one of the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket” (Juliet was so glad about the statement and thanked his Dad so much. It was a Saturday morning; Benson took her daughter to a bicycle store for proper repair; the Juliet called his Dad’s attention to see a Wicker Rattan Bike Basket) Benson moved closer to the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket, he took and admired it by saying, ” I love the design and the colour, and it also fit you bicycle” Juliet replied to him and said “yes I like this Wicker Rattan Bike Basket also” (Benson purchased the Wicker Rattan Basket and fixed the Wicker Rattan Basket there, and they both left the store for home after an hour they finally got home, Juliet was riding her bicycle in her garden when she saw four of her friends also riding their bicycle, she stopped them and told them to join her riding in the garden. Her friends admired her Wicker Rattan Bike Basket, and she was asked where she got the Wicker Rattan Bike Basket, and they also promised to purchase theirs.

Later, one of her friends suggested forming a contest, which they did successfully. They all rode for hours; Juliet was the only one who won over and over; they later departed and went to their various home. {David was eating dinner when he told his Dad and said) “I will love to change my Wicker Rattan Bike Basket,” his father asked him why and David replied, “I love Juliet’s new Wicker Rattan Bike Basket, and I will love to purchase mine also”, his father promised and fulfilled his promise the following day. (The same scenario applies to all Juliet’s friends, and they gather the following weekend for another contest, and they begin to admire each of their new Wicker Rattan Bike Basket)

(They all met in school during dream hour, and each of them was discussing different kinds of Wicker Rattan Bike Baskets they saw while purchasing theirs)

(Juliet was riding In a full speed when she saw 2 two magnificent chariots with seven hours approaching, she apply her break and stopped to watch it, as the chariot was about to pass her by, Juliet waved at them, and she quickly noticed it was a king, the King odder the rider to stop, ( the King came out the chariot and they both exchange greetings)  after they both exchange greetings Juliet was busy watching and admiring the Kings Chariot and the King was also admiring Juliet’s bicycle all through for some minutes toll the point of touching her Wicker Rattan Bike Basket, Juliet turned back and looked at the King, and said I love your horses you majesty, (The King also replied and said) I also admire your Wicker Rattan Bike Baskets) Juliet replied and said ” will you love to go with the Wicker Rattan Bike Baskets? The King responded “yes my dear beautiful girl” (Juliet gave the King her Wicker Rattan Bike Baskets and the King also gave her a hours for exchange, Juliet was so happy as she was about to climb the horse. Her friend woke her up and said its closing hour; it was time to go home. That’s the story of Wicker Rattan Bike Basket.