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𝐖𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫 𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐧 𝐁𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐭

I finally got the location after a series of misdescriptions, I went in and sat with them at the table, and I was served a fried chicken when I saw some set of ladies dancing, singing and coming into the hall and holding a Wicker Rattan Basket, they are 12 in numbers all dressed in a red gown, I was so glad about how well organized the birthday party, I took a bottle of champagne and pored little into the glass cup placed before me, then I zipped little, “ohh It was so chilled I love it” I adjust my chair well and sat upright again to watch the live performances on the stage when six out of the 12 ladies threw up the Wicker Rattan Basket and caught Wicker Rattan Basket back, and everyone was amazed of that Wicker Rattan Basket.

“While all this performance was happening”, I saw some chefs in white coats carrying a Wicker Rattan Basket; I wondered to check what was likely to be in it; the Wicker Rattan Basket was so beautiful. I love the caving and the magnificent design; I called one of the chefs to come closer for me to admire the beautiful Wicker Rattan Basket, ” I recommended the beauty of the Wicker Rattan Basket, then I also asked the chef how I could also get mine, so he then gave me the contact of the crafter. Moreover, the chef gave me some fruits from the Wicker Rattan Basket, and he also promised to show me more designs of the Wicker Rattan Basket.

After some minutes, the celebrant came up on stage and made a speech; she started the speech by mentioning her name (Cynthia), then she gave all glory to God who counted her worthy and the graced opportunity she had for clocking another year, she said further by greeting his friends, celebrant and everyone present in her birthday ceremony, ” I was surprised when she ordered the chefs to distribute her gift to all her attendant”, (while she was still speaking the chef came out and I took my time to count them there were 30 in number coming out with kinds of gifts package in a Wicker Rattan Basket, I was so glad because I know within me that one of the Wicker Rattan Basket will also be mine.

One of the Chef tapped me from behind and gave me my portion of Wicker Rattan Basket filled with Imperishable gifts, gifts in kinds of bottles, drinks, mug cups, teddy bears, key holders and many more; I was so excited, so I stood up and went to hug the celebrant, everyone was surprised about the boldness I had, not known to them that it was the Wicker Rattan Basket that got my joy. “Hours after the birthday party I got home, my wife and children were happy to see me, and they were also amused about the Wicker Rattan Basket.

After I took my shower, I left the bathroom for my room; I lied on my bed when I began to see many Wicker Rattan Basket in my room to the extent that I couldn’t see any objects anymore, the Wicker Rattan Basket was many, while I was wondering what could have happened, my wife taped me then I woke up suddenly from a dream, my wife asked how my dream was. I told her, she laughed at him, and she called me to join them for dinner; on getting to the dining room, I saw my children arguing and the Wicker Rattan Basket been pieces on the floor.

I was so annoyed with them and spoke to them rudely when I remembered the chef who gave me the Wicker Rattan Basket crafter, then I contacted him and explained all that happened, then he promised me to create more Wicker Rattan Basket with different patterns. So, we then fixed a date to meet. (Finally, the day clocked, I went to his workshop with my family, and we were all amazed at the fantastic artwork he did, we saw 100s of young men creating Wicker Rattan Basket in different forms of partners, My children persuaded me to purchase some of the already finished Wicker Rattan Basket. (So, I did making the Wicker Rattan Basket).

(It was a Monday morning, and I was busy interacting with my kids in the car, they were too happy about the new Wicker Rattan Basket while going to school, and they were busy imagining what their friends would say if they saw it them with a new Wicker Rattan Basket). I drove onto the school premises and applied the brake; the car stopped; my kids got out of the car, waved at them and zoomed off. I drove a little distance and looked at my rear-view mirror and saw (29) pupils flopping around my kids; immediately, I knew they were admiring the Wicker Rattan Basket; then I reversed my car and told them not to worry; I promised each of them the Wicker Rattan Basket.

The following day the kids were happy when I fulfilled my promise. (The teachers were wondering and loved the Wicker Rattan Basket, so they got my contact and ordered more of Wicker Rattan Basket.