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WICKER RATTAN CHAIR (Holiday with Grandpa)

(The truck’s horn suddenly woke me up, I was scared and hugged my brother next to me, and my Dad said to me, ” Son, why are you scared, I quickly pretended and said to him boldly “, I wasn’t scared” My Mum gave me a piece of cake, few minutes, unaware 3 three power bikes suddenly overtook us, My Dad said to me “you love that” I replied yes, I wish I have mine, I would have been the first to see Grandpa in the village).

We finally got to the village, and I saw 3 monkies helping Grandpa in cave Wicker Rattan Chair making; I sighted him from far through the front screen” we planned to make Wicker Rattan Chair a surprise for Grandpa and Grandma; they were happy to see us, we came down from the car. We gave them hugs and kisses and decided to join them in making a Chair with the pieces of Wicker Rattan Chair, but we were disturbed by the monkey. Grandpa told us the monkey was trying to tell us we could not make a perfect chair with the Wicker Rattan Chair.

So, we all sat and watched them make it; I went into the house and saw 100 a hundred Wicker Rattan Chair; I was so amazed and called my siblings to come and see the amazing Wicker Rattan Chair and tables our grandparents made; we all loved it and snapped it, moreover, we posted Wicker Rattan Chair on our social media and websites for advertisement, a few hours later, thousands of people began to like Wicker Rattan Chair and the start to order for it. Later in the evening, he had our dinner. Then after we prayed and were about to sleep when my Grandma called us for a story, my junior sister and I jumped up from the bed and sat on one of the Wicker Rattan Chair; Grandma told us a story of a great Wicker Rattan Chair crafter of many decades ago.

She narrated by telling how much they gained and the popularity they had in Wicker Rattan Chair crafting business and how she was influenced to learn Wicker Rattan Chair is crafting; we enjoyed her historical story. Then we went to sleep.

My brother and I were following a part along with a bush when we sighted a temple afar; we decided to check it out; we proceeded further by entering the Temple and saw thousands of Wicker Rattan Chair crafters busy crafting different kinds of chairs; we saw different kinds of Wicker Rattan Chair colours that have been made already, I moved closer to a beautiful lady who was busy crafting a throne, my brother asked her to give him the throne she is making. She agreed, so we waited till she finished; we were happy when she gave us the throne, and we were jubilating when my Mum woke us up for a shower. We were both angry, oh, it was a dream, we had the same dream together.

While I was bating, I heard the sound of a truck, so I decided to confirm by piping through the window then I saw some men loading the Wicker Rattan Chair into the truck, I was so glad for the huge sale my grandparents made, I couldn’t hold the joy in me roughly took my bath and ran out to join them with the loading. A few days later, we parked our load and were set to return to City; on getting back home; my friends were excited to see me again; they asked about the outcome of my trip and my experience then I explained all that happened. They also wish to have one of the Wicker Rattan Chair, so I gave them the process they are to follow to be entitled to their Wicker Rattan Chair through my Dad (Days later). My neighbors love the Wicker Rattan Chair. They asked my friends how they got the Wicker Rattan Chair; my friends linked them to me then I linked them to my Father for the perfect delivery. (It was midnight when the noise of a broken his woke me up, I was curious to know the cause of the that, Immediately I opened the door of my room, and pointed a gun at me, and he threatened to go to the sitting room, on getting there I met my siblings right on their knees, and I observed my some of the gangs were busy packing our Wicker Rattan Chair. (After a while we heard the serin of the police car and we noticed police surrounded our house, the police officers came in and tracked down the robbers).

One of the police officers asked if we were fine, and we assured him we were okay; the police returned our Wicker Rattan Chair and arrested the robbers. Nice story of Wicker Rattan Chair.