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(The door automatically opened Itself when the driver pressed a button, and the schoolmaster was the first to come down from the luxurious Bus while other students formed a straight line and were going after him, the student were all 30 thirty in the number being stupefied about the grand building and the facilitative climate, the shopping mall was a built-in form of a Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket filed with fruit in nice Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket, right from the foundation upward, and the security system with other technical facilities designed to stimulate customers soul. It was like they were on another planet; the shopping mall was just opened, not up to a week and opened mainly for fruit specific. They were packed nicely in a Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket). It was the school authority’s conscience for their school student to be the first school that came for execution in history; many citizens from all over states and countries came to visit the magnificent building built in the form of Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket filled with different kinds of fruit. Everyone loves to take pictures of the building, (The student followed their master into the building and saw 111 one hundred sections, each containing different kinds of fruit packed nicely with Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket. Fruits like- Apple, apricot, avocado, banana, blackberries, black currant, blueberries, boysenberries, capers cherry, black chokeberry, Cranberry, date palm durian, elderberry, goji berry golden, berry, gooseberries, Grape, grapefruit, guava, Jack Fruit, jujube, juniper berries, kiwi, kumquat, lemon, lime, Longan fruit, Lychee, mango, melon, mulberry, olive, orange, Papaya, passion fruit, pear, pineapple, pom pomegranate, rambutan, redberry, rhubarb, starfruit, strawberry, tangerine ugli fruit, watermelon and many more kinds of fruits embellish in Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket which was attractive to buyers.

Mr. Joel {the master} led his student for hours throughout the mall, and they all urged the execution; the most paramount object in the mall is thousands of Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket painted in many colours and designed in various styles and structures. ( As they proceeded to another section, they saw some Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket crafters busy crafting some Wicker Rattan Baskets and some people taking the already finished to another section and fixing some fruits in them) It was time for them to go back home when Mr. Joel found out 3 three of the students were missing; Mr. Joel bothers and disturbed by the student missing, so he told the rest to wait on the Bus with the driver, then he quickly ran back into the mall in search of them, after fifteen minutes of searching and stress, he later found the busy with the workers, joined them in the packaging department, Joel found them busy labelling the price to each Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket. (Joel was so annoyed, but he calmed his nerves and called them and said) “Hello guys, it’s time to go back to school” they left what they were doing immediately and followed their master; as they were about to enter the Bus, Joel blasted 3 three of them for their stupid action, and later on, they all sat in the Bus. The driver zoomed off, and while going, they saw an anaconda crossing the road they were about to pass; everybody on the highway waited for it to cross before continuing their journey. They finally got to school, and from school, they went home; Mr. Joel got home, took his shower and watched the Tv news; right on the news, he was shown the beauty of the fruit mall with so many designs of Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket and everything it entails. (It is a new week, a Monday morning, in the school, the school activity began, around 8:00 when two trucks and a Ford jeep branded with labels of fruits images been packaged in Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket, drove into the school premises, all the students and teachers piped through the window of the classrooms and offices, and there was a great shout from the student, they were all glad and busted out of the classrooms to meet the Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket companies) The CEO of the Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket went straight to the school authority’s admin.

(The CEO came into the principal’s office, and they both exchanged greetings, and they both sat) Mr. Mack <CEO> said to Mr. Michel <The school principals>. He said: “we are here to appreciate and recommend your student who came to my fruit mall and saw our beautiful collections of Wicker Rattan Fruit Baskets; we are here to give all your students fruits contained in a Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket” Mr. Michel replied and said, ” you are highly welcome and on behave of the school admin we appreciate your presence, love and concern for us” (they both went out to join them on the assembly ground and they distributed the fruit in a very nice Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket to all student and all teachers so also the principal. I hope you enjoy this nice story of Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket,