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This is the beginning of interesting story of Woven Rattan Basket. (They were all terrified when the steward announced to them and said ” Ladies and gentlemen, the plane engine just developed a fault, and we have put in all our best to work things out, but unfortunately, our effort is not working out, so you have to take heart, we are sorry there is nothing to do about it, begin to ask God for forgiveness and remember to say your last prayer”, a woman confessed to her husband and said, ‘ honey you have to forgive me, three of the kids I gave birth are not biologically yours’, her husband replied and said,” am so sorry for not being faithful to you, I have 7 seven kids in Asia”. The conflict began couples, friends, and business people began to fight when they heard their confessions; the fight lasted for 10 ten minutes).

[Linda, Rachel and Ana’s flight back to America was successful, they all planned how to win the upcoming Woven Rattan Basket contest, they practiced both day and night endlessly just to win ten million dollars ($10,000,000) The day of the contest remains three days, Linda, Ana and Rachel were fully equipped and set for the contest].

(It happened!!! The time began to count, 2 hours were given, and they were all grouped into three 3 teams, Linda, Ana and Rachel’s team was named (Fathered) while the second was named (smash) and the third was named (Ruby); millions of audiences were present in the contest unlike the formal contest, a warning was given “it remains 10 minutes to the end time” Linda, Ana and worked so hard in the crafting making of Woven Rattan Basket) at last the bell was jingled, (Time up!!) Says one of the judges.

Ruby team was the first team to be called, and they stood right before the Judge; one of the Judge said (well, you have done a nice job you and your work is too common and not that attractive to the audience, but I recommend your job to be Perfect) they went back to their position. One of the judges said, “a round plus to Smash team, please come forward and let us see what you have for us” {they responded and stepped forward closer to the Judge and the uncovered their Woven Rattan Basket, the audience noticed the Judge’s face is not a looking good} One of the judges said to them {we appreciate your time and effort, I personally really don’t like this, keep it up and work hard for next time of making Woven Rattan Basket.

Next!!! Faitheroics team moved forward and stood right before the Judges, telling them to uncover their works of Woven Rattan Basket. (Instantly, as Linda, Ana and Rachel uncovered their crafted Woven Rattan Basket, the audience and judges all stood up and gave the clapping ovation.

The three 3 judges all spoke and recommended Faithoric teamwork to be perfect, fashionable, great and magnificent of the Woven Rattan Basket. {Because their work is so specific and special, they attached woven fabrics to the Woven Rattan Basket, Making their work distinct. Linda, Ana and Rachel won the prize and became the winner for that year. The Government higher this precious team (Faithorics) to make many of the Woven Rattan Basket.