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Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket

(He was struggling with some loads in his chest when a bottle fell from his hand broken, his younger sister quickly brought mob and cleaned up the mess, while his Daddy (Tom) was outside busy arranging loads into the car, they were all busy packing snacks, drinks, mats, stretchers, umbrella and many other things in a nice big Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket. Finally, they got to set, and Mr. Tom started and zoomed off and drove for 3 hours before they finally got to the beach).

Peter said to his Mum, (Mummy, today will be nice and fantastic fun for us). Peter’s Mum replied to him and said {yes, you are right, my son but make sure you follow every instruction I give to you) Peter responded and said: “sure, Mum, your wish is my command” {Mr. Tom packed the car, and they all came out and brought all their loads out of the Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, and they saw many people at the beachside, Cinta pointed and showed his Dad a specific location she loves them to settle. Peter was carried away by the people catching fun; Peter saw some children moulding a house with soil and saw some kids throwing and catching a ball while some were fighting over a Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket; he pitied them and ran up to them intending to put a stop to their conflict).

Peter did his best to settle the misunderstanding, which he successfully did and promised them a new Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket each; they were both glad and waited; Peter ran to his Dad and explained what had happened to him and his Dad {Tom} also agreed with him. Peter’s mother (Juliet) also asked Peter the cause of their conflict, then peter narrated and said (they both wanted to paint a Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, the first boy loves red colour so much while the other loves green so much, so they both disagreed, and they wanted their wish to supersede over the other, while Peter was narrating, ‘(Tom) his father told him “are you set for the store”? Peter responded and said sure, Dad and Juliet also said we also need like 3 three Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket for easy carriage of our loads. So, they planned to buy five Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket.

(Tom and his son came out of the store with five Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket and zoomed off back to the beach, the kids were happy to see Peter fulfilling his promise) The kids painted each their Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket the colour they wanted, and everyone’s attention was caught by the kid’s-coloured Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, and they all began to wonder how they got in touch with such beautiful Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket; before we knew it, people catching fun at the beach began to come over us and busy admiring the   Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, and they also rushed to the store to purchase theirs.

(After so some hours of fun, Peter’s Mum suddenly found out the picnic Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket they bought some hours again was missing, Peter was not in good order when he also noticed the missing of the new Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, they all began to search for it all over the beach for up to 30 minutes, but they couldn’t find it, but later on, was found somewhere around the beach and they did not know who did that). It happened at the beach; the blood kept gushing while the nurse rushed in with a stretcher and laid Peter on it; the noise of the serine caught everyone’s attention. The ambulance came in a full speed; he was given oxygen; a few hours later, he opened his eyes slowly and saw a man in a nose mask (Peter had a thought in himself, ohh it was a doctor, and this must be a hospital, Peter shouted and called his Mum with a loud voice) one of the nurses very close to him told him to calm his nerves). (A few minutes later, Peter’s mother came to see him, and they were so worried about him, but the medical doctor assured them he would be fine soon, it was just a minor injury) Peter regretted his stupid actions, and he flashed and remembered how he was careless with the crab and was surprised how the crab successfully cut him when he was trying to put it in one of his new Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket (as he was thinking, his parent came in holding the Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket each, Peter sat up and was given some snacks to take from the Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket.