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Wicker Rattan Market Basket

{She looked back and wondered what could draw her back when she noticed she slammed the car door against her gown, she, therefore, went back, re-opened the door and adjusted herself, she went and opened the booth and changed her footwear, and press the lock button and her car was automatically locked, she proceeds and move into the market and bought many kinds of foods and snacks, suddenly she saw a big Wicker Rattan Market Basket, the Wicker Rattan Market Basket caught her attention, she moved closer for a vivid look, she soliloquized and said <I love this Wicker Rattan Market Basket, it fit for Market Basket> she paid off her bills and packed them into the booth, get in the car and drove off, She got home, and her little daughter ran to welcome her).

She said to her daughter (peace), I hope you rid great today in your exams? she {peace} replied and said yes, Mum, I guess you are coming from the market !!! what do you purchase for me? (Peace joined and helped her Mum with the loads from the vehicle, and she saw a huge and beautiful Wicker Rattan Market Basket suitable for Market Basket, she promised to take her out for the next shopping, and she was glad about that, (Later on in the evening her Dad arrived from work, he came in and perceived the food’s aroma from the kitchen, we went to check It out himself when he meets them both busy in the kitchen. They later ate and went to bed.

(It was a surprising weekend for peace with her Mum, busy searching for the Wicker Rattan Market Basket in the market with a lot of choice of beautiful Wicker Rattan Market Basket) Peace told her Mum, ” I thought you left the Wicker Rattan Market Basket beside you while you were busy interacting with your clients,” She replied and said, ” yes, I do, but I could not just explain how the Wicker Rattan Market Basket got missing” (they both went to the security department to report the missing Wicker Rattan Market Basket, <a lady advised her to report to the security department>.

(The Wicker Rattan Market Basket was later discovered when the CTV recorder was replayed before Peace and her Mum, and they watched the video and saw a dog smartly take the Wicker Rattan Market Basket with Its teeth and run away while they were discussing with the seller. They all trace the dog for some 30 minutes and eventually meet the dog feeding a paralyzed man who had no legs and hands in an abandoned building very close to the market).

Peace’s mother {Mary} pitied both the dog and the paralyzed man struggling to eat; peace began to wept when she saw the dog busy feeding the man with teeth (the man receiving the snacks from the dog’s mouth to his mouth directly) Mrs. Mary took her Wicker Rattan Market Basket from the dog and went back to  the market with her daughter, She bought many kinds of fruit packed nicely in Wicker Rattan Market Basket, woven cloth and snacks and packaged them into a big Wicker Rattan Market Basket and took the Wicker Rattan Market Basket to him, ( Mary cleaned up the room, spoon-fed him, changed his cloth and promised to check back on him, she went back to the market and purchased all she intended to purchase, she went into the back car and zoomed off)

(The paralyzed man named <Samos> was but waiting for his dog <bright> while he was alone busily esteeming the gifts Mary gave him). Samos soliloquized and said, “God and grateful for my life and today’s blessings I received, you sent Mary to bless me with Wicker Rattan Market Basket, woven cloth, wicker rattan mat and food to eat” (while he saw speaking, <bright> his dog came in and wag it tails to Samos). Samos said, {thank you so much, my bright you are God’s sent to me; they both slept off).

Two weeks after, Mary stepped into Samos’s room with some men, and he was taken to a hospital for proper treatment, which took weeks. Mary did her best by preparing his flight to Germany. After several surgeries on Samons by technical doctors, they made Robotic hands and legs for him, and he could walk and do many other activities a man can do. The robotic hands and legs have artificial skin. Three (3) months later, Samons returned to his poor formal home, took some pictures of his home, and took along the Wicker Rattan Market Basket, Wicker Rattan mat and this woven cloth with him back to his new home, for he cherished them most. Weeks after his dog (Bright) died in an accident, Samos higher a perfect Wicker Rattan Market Basket crafter to craft a Wicker Rattan casket for It; Samos gave it a befitting burial and wept for months. ~ I hope you enjoy this nice story about Wicker Rattan Market Basket.